Rachel Bloom

Front-End Developer


Hi, I’m Rachel!

I’m a front-end developer based in Toronto. I love to create beautiful, interactive websites and develop high-quality projects for clients. I strive to keep up with new technologies and to continuously challenge myself.

Before graduating from the Fall 2014 HackerYou Front-End Web Development Bootcamp, I received my undergraduate degree in Journalism from the University of King’s College in May. I worked as a freelance writer briefly and my work has been featured in multiple prestigious publications, including CBC.ca, Post City Magazines, Torontoist and more.

When I’m not developing or writing, I’m probably keeping the local coffee shops in business or hanging out on the Twitter-sphere.



Here are my web development portfolio pieces, created during my time at HackerYou.

jQuery Gallery

Skills Used: HTML5, CSS3, Sass, jQuery.

A photo gallery using jQuery to display images from the One Perfect Shot website. Created with Matt Fairley.

jQuery API App

Skills Used: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JSON

This jQuery API App uses an AJAX request to the Yummly API to provide users with microwave-friendly recipes.


Skills Used: HTML5, CSS3, Responsive

I recreated the Pioneer design, using only a PSD jpg as my guide. The website is also responsive and mobile-friendly.

Writing Samples

Before I was at HackerYou, I was a freelance web writer. Samples of my work can be found below.

Tree-planting becoming full-time employment for youth

Publication: CBC Online Features

A piece I wrote about the emergence of tree-planting as a full-time career for young people.

Electric car drivers hope more charging stations will reduce ‘range anxiety’

Publication: CBC Online Features

A piece about the anxiety electric car drivers face when they run low on power during drives. I interviewed Rob Baker from the Tragically Hip for this article, as he drives a Tesla.

How social media help, hype are affecting proms

Publication: CBC Online Features

A piece I wrote about how social media adds pressure to teens, as they get ready for proms & end-of-the-year formals.

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